The Indian Montessori Centre has designed a Correspondence Course called as Montessori Insight Programme (MIP) to meet the needs of

1. parents conscious of introducing their children to the process of learning in the best possible manner,
2. administrators of Montessori Houses of Children,
3. people interested in learning about the Montessori Method, and
4. individuals who wish to pursue a career in Montessori education.

The Correspondence Course makes Maria Montessori's teaching principles and methods accessible to just about anyone who is interested in learning and benefiting from it.

You can now learn about the Montessori-method of helping children from the comfort of your home. The course content of the Correspondence Course has been carefully designed by Montessorians guided by Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan keeping in mind the absence of instructors to lead the student through the course. The language of the study material has been kept simple and straightforward. But there is no compromise in the quality of the course content. Correspondence Course is a very rigorous and thorough course.