About the Montessori Method and practices.They also bring together persons who have the same interests and ambitions.
In keeping with its prime objective of promoting the Montessori Method of Education the Indian Montessori Centre has been organizing various activities. The Indian Montessori Centre is always ready to assist any organization, individual in any capacity in promoting this proven scientific method of education.

Some of the activities which the Indian Montessori Centre conducts are:

Award of Diplomas and Certificates
Diplomas and certificates are awarded to the successful candidates who are successful in the classroom training and the online training................ Readmore >>

Director's Training Course
Training of teachers in Houses of children is widespread. This scheme is to offer training to already experienced persons to conduct, administer and direct training courses for teachers in all details. They will be oriented to the methodology of conducting courses according to the norms set by the IMC.......Readmore >>

Recognition of Montessori Houses of Children
The word ‘Montessori’ is used by many-whether they follow the Montessori Method or not. IMC issues recognition certificates to such House of children that maintain the tenets and practice of Montessori philosophy.........Readmore >>

Seminars, Workshops and Conferences
These are conducted periodically to create awareness in the public............Readmore >>

Collaborating with Other Organizations
“Live and let live” This aims at the acceptance of various practices in Education and gain mutually......Readmore >>

To reach the whole world in order that the association can help many in the field of Montessori as has been expounded by the stalwarts who were nearest to Dr. Maria Montessori.......Readmore >>