The aims of The Indian Montessori Centre (Sec.3b and 3d of KSR Act, '60).

  • The promotion of education, science and literature.
  • The instruction and diffusion of knowledge relating to useful knowledge with regard to children.

The IMC has set itself the following objectives and it has been working at meeting these objectives successfully.

  • To maintain, propagate and further the ideas and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori for the full development of the human being.
  • The association will aim to accomplish the objectives by all lawful means by furthering the study and propagation of the principles of education and human development by conducting conferences, seminars or workshops and Montessori Training courses.
  • The propagation of knowledge and understanding of the conditions necessary for the full development of the human being from conception to maturity.
  • Promoting general recognition of the child's fundamental rights as envisaged by Dr. Maria Montessori, irrespective of racial, religious, political or social environments.
  • Assisting in the establishment of educational institutions functioning following the Montessori method and to help them continue functioning using the method effectively and thus protecting the name of "Montessori".