Albert josteenAlbert Max Joosten (21 November 1914–26 February 1980) was one of Maria Montessori's earliest students and an ardent believer in her methods, He became her trusted lieutenant and to play a major role in popularizing the Montessori Method of Education especially in India. He was fondly called as Abs by his friends and relatives.

Birth and early years.
Mr.Joosten was born on 21 November 1914. As a pupil he attended both the pre-primary and the primary Montessori Schools. His mother directed them in Amsterdam. During the summer vacations, he accompanied his mother when she visited Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori had devised new pedagogical and psychological developments Mrs. Joosten went to Dr. Montessori to become acquainted with them. On herr return to Holland  they were included in the Montessori courses conducted by Mrs. Joosten.

Mr. Joosten was deeply influenced by Dr. Montessori. He felt privileged to be allowed to spend time with Dr. Montessori and learn the nuances of the Montessori method of education directly from her. His enthusiasm for the educational contents of the work was great. It was equal to his keen intelligence,. Although still a child, he was allowed to participate in the conversations and work during these summer sessions.

He grew up passing the winter with his mother and the summer with Dr. Montessori. He acquired such understanding, dedication and expertise that it was not surprising that in his early twenties having completed his schooling, he quit further studies at the university although it was very promising, He found it unimportant compared to the faith that burned in him. He asked for permission to help in the organization of Dr. Maria's international work. Impressed by his enthusiasm and his understanding of the Montessori system, Dr. Maria Montessori allowed him to be a part of her organizational set up. This gave him a further chance of getting know with the theory and practice of the method. He never missed a chance to attend any lecture given by Maria Montessori - in her training courses or elsewhere.

His association with the Montessori Movement.
In 1936 when Dr. Montessori took up residence in Holland and started a training centre in Laren, he formed a part of the teaching staff, continuing at the same time to be closely connected with the work of AMI (Association Montessori Internationale). His intelligence and steadfastness in his work prompted Dr. Montessori to trust him with greater responsibilities. He managed the affairs of AMI from 1939 to 1947 . Dr Maria Montessori and Mario Montessori Sr went to India. in 1947, Dr. Montessori gained popularity in India and she needed help in meeting the growing demands of the movement. Mr Joosten  joined her in this work. 

In April 1949 when Montessori went to Pakistan on the invitation of the new government Mr. Joosten accompanied her along with her son Mr.Mario Montessori. Mr. Joosten assisted her in the month long course she conducted in Karachi. Later, in the same year, when Dr. Montessori had to leave India, she asked Mr. Joosten to stay back in India as her personal representative. He was asked to continue the Montessori training courses S. R. Swamy  joined him in this endeavour . Their association lasted until the passing away of Mr.Joosten. 

In 1949, Mr.Joosten became the Director of the Indian Montessori Training Courses. In 1957, he was appointed Director of Training of the Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 1973 he assumed Directorship of the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota, USA. All the three centres flourished under his expert guidance and direction. He also travelled to several parts of the world as an AMI examiner. When the AMI Sponsoring Committee and the AMI International Pedagogical Committee were instituted, he was chosen as a member of both. In  latter capacity he was nominated to the Governing Board. 

The years between 1947 and 1973 he spent considerable time in his beloved India. He continued conducting courses in the different cities and towns The Montessori Movement in India owes a great deal to Mr. Joosten's untiring efforts. From 1973 Mr. Joosten commuted between India and the United States. He also worked in several European countries spreading the scientific method of education developed by Dr. Montessori.Despite his hectic work schedules, Mr. Joosten found time for music. He was an accomplished pianist. He also had a natural gift for languages. He could speak Spanish, Italian, Dutch, English, German, French, and Hindi. 

Mr. Joosten has also authored books on the Montessori method of education and some of them are used even today by students of Montessori training courses, parents, and  Montessori-trained adults. Some of his works have been compiled into three books-- namely: Gateways to Montessori-Theory, Gateways to Montessori-Practical, and Towards a Healthy Humanity. Mr A.M.Joosten passed away on 26 February Hyderabad after a short illness. He had just then returned from Europe. 

Albert Max Joosten has authored many articles, books and study notes.