Mario montessori SrIntroduction.
Mario Montessori Sr. was the only son of Dr. Maria Montessori. He was her close associate in all her endeavors in the field of education and carried on the propagation of the Montessori Movement after her demise. 

Birth and Early Years.
There is some speculation about Mario Montessori's exact date of birth. But according to Mario he was born on 31st March 1898. Dr. Maria Montessori was an unwed mother, and in those days it was considered sacrilege to be so. According to Mario , Maria's parents and a few close friends and associates knew of his existence. Maria had to give in to their pressures and send Mario away to a family in the countryside near Rome. He grew up there.

When he was fifteen, Mario came to know that Maria was his mother. But Maria never publicly acknowledged him as her son till her death. Initially she introduced him as her nephew and later as her adopted son. Mario, when he was seventeen, accompanied Maria to the US. Maria's stay in the US was quite trying for her and Mario proved to be a calming influence. This probably signaled the beginning of a long time association between the mother and the son. It was  both at work and in personal life.

His association with Maria Montessori.
By the early 1920s Maria lost a few of her close associates and she began depending on Mario more and more. He played the role of a buffer between her and those who were always trying to climb on the bandwagon of her fame. They had some profitable scheme or other Mario protected his mother from such people. He started accompanying her in all her tours and assisted her in the conduct of her courses. Together they established the Association Montessori Internationale as a parent body to oversee the activities of schools and societies. This work extended all over the world and included supervision of the training of teachers. After the establishment of AMI the activities of the Montessori movement became quite organized. It was mainly due to the efforts of Mario.

Maria Montessori became frustrated by the "politics" of dealing with people. In this area t Mario played a growingly crucial role.. Mario virtually became her protector. This provided Maria the much required freedom and peace of mind to continue her work. Mario made Helping his mother’s work became Mario’s life work. He did this at the expense of his own family life. He traveled with her and took over many more tasks of organizing and administering the activities of the Montessori movement. This he could do through the AMI. As Maria became older she became more dependent on her son in the organizational details

Mario's Indian experience.
Mario accompanied Maria on her travel to India. Together they reached Adyar, Chennai in October 1939. This trip to India was on the invitation of the Theosophical Society that was headquartered in Chennai. The Montessoris had actually planned to conduct a three-month course and return to Europe sometime during 1940. But because of World War II they were forced to extend their stay in India. Since they were Italians, the British Government interned Mario to a camp for civilians in Ahmednagar and also placed some restrictions on the movements of Dr. Maria. On 31st August 1940 British Government released Mario. It was Maria's birthday. The letter from the Government said that ‘he’ was a” birthday gift.” From te British Government !!

Between 1939 and 1946 the Montessoris conducted sixteen courses. They called them the Indian Montessori Training Courses. The name holds good even to the present day. Dr. Maria would give her lectures in Italian and Mr. Mario would translate it in English. She knew English and so would interrupt her son if he did not translate correctly Together they trained over thousand Indian teachers in the Montessori Method. In 1946 they returned to Holland after staying in the Indian subcontinent for nearly seven years.

Mario with Maria.
Maria continued travelling around the world popularizing her method of teaching and Mario was her constant companion. They conducted courses, and organized lectures, in London, Scotland, Rome, Berlin, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Holland, France.

Mario - life after Maria's death.
After Dr. Maria Montessori passed away Mr. Mario continued the work of spreading the Montessori Movement. actively He continued conducting the training courses In 1956 Mario published the book "The Human Tendencies and Montessori education". He was awarded a Honorary Doctorate by the Edgecliffe College, USA in the year 1970. He implemented the Training of Trainers programme for the first time in the year 1976.

Mr. Mario Montessori had four children by his first wife. His second wife Ms. Ada   shared his work in the Montessori field. His daughter Renilde, later, became the President of the Association Montessori Internationale After a brief period of failing health and eyesight, Mario passed away on the 10th of February 1982.